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Line 6 GearBox Gold Bundle: First Impressions August 19, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : plugins (plug-ins), Reviews, Studio Setup , 2comments

Well, I jumped for the GearBox Gold Bundle when it dropped to 100$. Originally up near $500+, it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up. I wasn’t completely happy with the Amplitube demos that came with my Pro Tools setup, so this seemed like a safe upgrade. Registering/getting this to work wasn’t the simplest thing in the world, but once that’s done, its a great product.


Battling a Large Body of Water: Part 3 August 19, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Mixing, Project Studio, Projects , 2comments

These are apparently not going in any particular order… sorry.

I would like to explore the idea of controlling your bass and low mid frequencies in the mix. (more…)

Why YOU should have a YouSendIt account August 13, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Chit Chat, Project Studio, Troubleshooting , 3comments

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking how to transfer songs, sessions, and OMF files between computers and/or studios. Now, I’ve talked about this before, but I’d like to hit on it again, as I believe it is such an awesome tool for people in this field.

I’ll go on the record as saying: Everyone who works in pro audio should have a YouSendIt.com account. (more…)

Battling a Large Body of Water: Part 2 August 12, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Acoustics, Microphone Techniques, Studio Setup , 2comments

Setting up mics on a drum kit in a converted basement is a bit of a nightmare (with of course the end result being that we want it to sound like we didn’t record it in a basement). Unfortunately, its a nightmare than many of us will go through at least once (if not many times) in our lifetime. (more…)

Battling a Large Body of Water: Part 1 August 11, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Mixing, Project Studio, Projects , add a comment

::Presenting the first of many articles discussing the adventures of recording a full length CD with a band called Versus the Ocean out of Michigan::

This recording project was full of a lot of “firsts” for me (first time converting a house into a recording studio, first time working with a screamer, first time having a band live with me for the recording process… etc). The short version of the story is that the band lived in my converted-recording-basement for a week because of some last minute logistical issues in going to another (real) studio. So with my trusty Digi 003 Rack (and a HEAP of borrowed gear, thanks Damon, Ben), we got to work for the long week.¬† Also props to Ronnie Pinnell for driving up to assist.

Given the circumstances, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share both the “do’s” and “do not’s” I learned along the way. I’ll try to cover everything from mic techniques to mixing and there and back again.


GarageBand ’09 – What would you like to see? August 10, 2008

Posted by PJ in : Chit Chat, GarageBand , 7comments

GarageBand ’08 added some great new features to the platform – full automation, multi-take recording, visual EQ, a real compressor, notation printing and a whole lot more. Apple even included a feature for non-musicians called Magic GarageBand along with a tweaked UI. All of these features helped build upon the core of GarageBand 3 and flesh out an already stellar program. (more…)

I’m back! August 8, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digital home recording studios , 2comments

Well, after being away for wayyyyy too long, I am back to TheStudioFiles.com.

I’ve been getting ready for graduate school, working on some very time consuming audio projects, as well as a bunch of other things… But, now I’m back, as some big projects finished up this week.

Here’s what I hope to hit on this coming week: (more…)

Review: Sontronics Microphones August 8, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Project Studio, Reviews, Studio Setup , 3comments

Sontronics sent The Studio Files some microphones for review.

I cannot wait until their brand becomes more widely distributed in the US.


– Music Reviews – August 7, 2008

Posted by Ben Rivet in : Digital home recording studios, Music Reviews, Reviews , add a comment

Hey all,

Your man about town here with an announcement¬† on the Studio Files’ newest installation… MUSIC REVIEWS.

We are going to be hitting this a little differently than your average critique.¬† So much work goes into all of the great music that we are hearing these days, but many of those who do that work can be overlooked by the masses. We here at The Studio Files are going to dive deeper into all of this music and really look at what people are doing in the studio. No genre will be overlooked, no producer unnamed, and no synth part ignored. We want people to start talking about who is making the music as much as who’s performing the music…and we don’t just mean Timberland.

Stay tuned for all the reviews to come, and PLEASE, let us know who we should be looking at. Drop us a line and tell us who is making good music these days.

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