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…I’m back (?) July 10, 2009

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Howdy all –

Sorry for the lack of posts and answering comments lately… times are busy.  I tried to knock out a bunch of comment replies today, and I’ve been pretty good about email questions.  I’m traveling a lot lately and working on a number of different projects at once.

Coming up soon here, we will have tons of posts, videos, and other goodies from the DalSegno Productions (Damon’s personal studio) remodeling project. (more…)

BJSR (Ben Rivet) music video shot with the new iPhone July 2, 2009

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Our own Ben Rivet teams up with DP Kenny Mosher (Showdown Productions) to produce this amazing video shot in Dayton and Yellow Springs, Ohio. Stay tuned for some amazing behind the scenes footage real soon. Ben is recently back from a six month performing tour and recorded this original song at dal Segno in Dayton and then sent the tracks to Connor Smith to mix and master. I do believe that a longer version of the song will be available soon at BJSR’s Myspace.

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