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Warm the Cockles of Your Mix (or tracks) December 23, 2009

Posted by Damon Sink in : Mixing, plugins (plug-ins), Project Studio , add a comment

OK. No idea what “cockles” are, but I just wanted to pass along a bit of Christmas cheer. One of the plug-in companies that I really love is PSP, and they have a stellar deal on their classic EQ bundle going on right now. If you have been thinking about treating yourself to some new eq toys this holiday, I can’t think of a better way to do it at this price.

Check it out here:


And have a great holiday.


Video: Zoom Tools and Zooming in Pro Tools LE December 18, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digidesign, Pro Tools, Videos , 1 comment so far

This is a short introduction to the different ways to zoom in Pro Tools LE

Pro Tools a…z Mode?? December 14, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digidesign, Pro Tools, Studio Setup , add a comment

I’ve noticed a few people ending up on the site while searching for this^^

Those buttons (located at different parts of both the edit and mix window) turn on/off keyboard focus, which is an editing mode that greatly reduces the need for modifier keys (like ctrl, option, and command).  Each editing command is set to a single keystroke.

Try checking out this page for an article explaining keyboard focus


Click here for a few more related articles and videos (more…)

Sending Your Music to Another Engineer 101 December 13, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digital Audio Workstations, Studio Setup , 2comments

The availability and low cost of DAW-based recording sessions allows nearly everyone to record their own music right in their living room. While you can just mix and release your music yourself, its often really beneficial to send your session file out to a more experienced mixing (and/or) mastering engineer. In this article, I’d like to discuss some ways to prepare your session file for that engineer. I mix a lot of projects via “distance” like this, and getting a session organized and ready can really help to speed up the nitty-gritty, leaving much more time for the artistic and creative decisions.

While this article is aimed at artists and music producers who are passing files to an engineer, these techniques will also make over-the-internet collaborations much easier. AND – these are things that will help a lot even if you are seeing the project through until the end. ?Good session organization is applicable in any recording situation, analog or digital.


Enhance your mix: Simplify December 8, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digital home recording studios , 15comments

If you were a carpenter, it would be a bad idea to limit yourself to only using a hammer when building a house.  However, limiting yourself in audio processing options is an awesome way to improve your mix skills.  Especially in a world of DAWs, where processing power is essentially limitless, it’s easy to get carried away (more…)

Digidesign Pro Tools Teaser? December 1, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Chit Chat, Digidesign, Pro Tools , add a comment

There has been a TON of speculation on what is going on with Digidesign/Avid/Pro Tools.  (We have even had a few threads about it)

Its not much, but DigiTechSupport (after an 80+ page thread at the DUC) posted:

“You should, however, start to see some (more…)

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