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Audio problems with new iMacs, Thunderbolt to USB December 7, 2013

Posted by Damon Sink in : Apple, Computers, Studio Setup, Troubleshooting , add a comment

Many folks seem to be having issues with USB audio interfaces and the new iMacs, which only come with Thunderbolt. Hopefully they get this solved before shipping new Mac Pros… The new architecture (no PCIe slots) is going to require Mac users to use something like the Magma chassis. Our engineer at Western Carolina just refreshed all of our studio computers with the last gen of mac pros integrated with new Pro Tools hardware. Personally, I’ve been scouting for good deals on gently used mac pros, and now that Digital Performer is on Windows…there is no barrier to completely switching over—I already use two PCs as sample slaves for composing.

To quote Steve Jobs’ favorite songwriter: “The times they are a changing…”

If anyone is working on hardware upgrades and has any wisdom or warnings, please let us know. This will affect a lot of long time Pro Tools setups in smaller studios for sure.

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