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A quick note on processor cores in Pro Tools 8 (and 7.4, among others) February 3, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digidesign, Pro Tools, Troubleshooting , trackback

Just a quick note – in Pro Tools 8 (and Pro Tools 7 for that matter), if you are running into a lot of errors, this might help, depending on your system.

If you have a multi-core machine, especially if you have a quad-core or dual quad-core, Digidesign recommends that you:

  1. (In your session) Go to Setup>Playback Engine
  2. Under RTAS Processors, choose the number equal to 1 less than your total number of processors (i.e. if you are running an 8-core machine, choose “7 processors”)
The reason is that doing this will free up a processor for the non-RTAS tasks that your computer might need to do (say the OS for example).  In most every case, you will see less errors and at least a slight improvement performance.  Remember, you aren’t “wasting” one of your processor cores by not choosing it here, rather you are more efficiently distributing the workload.


1. Ramayan Saries - August 22, 2009

Thank you for ending the frustration! I was unaware of this little fact.

2. Jason - October 30, 2009

Great tip. Has helped LOADS!!!!!

3. ConnorSmith - October 31, 2009

Good – glad it helped.

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