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Apple – Logic Studio 9.1 is now rebuilt, 64 bit. January 12, 2010

Posted by Damon Sink in : Apple, Digital home recording studios , trackback

Apple – Logic Studio

This is the holy grail for some users, but make sure you do your homework. There is a laundry list of as yet still non-64 bit compatible features:

• Firewire streaming of video
• Digital Cinema Desktop
• AAF import and export
• EuCon control surface support
• Automap of parameters with control surfaces
• OMF import and export
• Conversion to MP3
• Recycle (REX) file support
• ReWire support
• Vienna Symphonic Library Tool
• Logic Node processing
• AKAI format sample import

The Vienna Symphonic Library item is a show stopper for me just yet. But hopefully these third party issues will be resolved in short order. The OMF conversion and ReWire will be a pretty big deal for some folks as well.

Anyway. If you take the plunge, be sure to give us a full report!

The Studio FIles


1. Alex - January 17, 2010

They finally put support back in for the Apple Remote as well with 9.1, which is great. Now I don’t have to get up from the drum set every time I mess up a take. This update keeps me lazy.

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