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The Studio Files


1. Bill - March 27, 2011

Two questions for PT8
1. – Is there a way to change the color of the notes I pencil in while in the MIDI edit screen? I want my notes in a different color than the default.

2. – How do I adjust the tuning of the mini-grand plug-in so it is spot-on with my guitar track?

2. Nick108 - April 15, 2011

Problems reinstalling Pro Tools 8.03 LE on Windows XP
AMD Sempron 2400+
MSI KM4M Board Video Sound
Hynix 256 Ram DDR PC 333
80 Gig H/disk 7200 8 Meg c
Video Card 128 Meg
Radeon 9200 VC

Before all the creative collection goes in no problems, now this time reinstalling, it gets to the creative collection and up comes error, 2147213312 Can’t install Creative Collection. So no Xpand, Boom, Vacuum, Piano nothing, so frustrating, tried to press F8 while reinstalling, no good, went into add and remove, unloaded all Pro Tools, have tried to reinstall now four or more times and each time no luck on the Creative Collection. I bought the Pro Tools 8.03 LE as an upgrade on M Box Mini 2, LE 7, it has never done this before, praying to God doesn’t seem to help either. Without my Pro Tools I am a nervous wreck. Can’t write music, whats life without music creation? Please help. I am no tech whizz, so the info comes from the last receipt from my computer technician. He doesn’t know much about Pro Tools or any music program, just how to fix computers and revamp them. I pray to wake up and its turned itself into an Apple Mac but that doesn’t work either.

3. kidA - April 20, 2011

hello i have a problem with a new shure beta 58 mic, it gives me very soft electric shocks when plugged. the setup is very simple: macbook pro + m box2 pro + mic cable + mic
apparently, there is no grounding on my parisian studio. but i have tried with the computer unplugged from the wall as well as the m box 2 pro and still, the mic gives me this shock, very light but annoying. thanks.

4. phillc - May 15, 2011

I have a problem with pro tools essential 8.0.3 ” launching ” . it freezes at = ” loading plug ins ” bf essential clip remover .dpm

my system is pent 4
cpu 2.80 GHz
2.00 GB RAM + 1 TB external HD
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Service pack 3
Please help me launch smoothly.
The Install was smooth

5. vince - May 28, 2011

Hi. I have installed pro tools 8 on to my laptop but i’m having constant problems when i lanch a session. Sometimes my computer shuts down as soon as i click on the pt icon, it freezes mid session and sometimes it freezes even before i try to open pt. I’m sure it must be to do with the installation but i’ve un installed and re intalled several times now. One thing that happens whilst installing is a message appears at the bottom of the screen which says hardware divice drivers were not successfully installed but then carries on to the end of the insallation. Any ideas? Really appreiciate the help.

acer aspire 5742
intel ccore i5-460M
6gb ddr3 ram
750 gb hdd
microsoft windows 7


6. Dylan Mackie - May 29, 2011

phillic, run pro tools on your 1tb and not in your ram this will stop the freezing. windows media player, Internet explorer and my cyberlynk dvd drive were all uninstalled before I installed and I uncrossed the air plug ins and instuments pack and they stop a smooth installation.

vince, the avid website has a patch for PT8 that fixes the bugs for windows 7 at first i tired loading PT8 without my mbox2 pluged in then plugging in when it tells me and this worked untill I now run it off my 1tb ehd

7. Vivien Dair - June 6, 2011

We have been using ProTools 6.9 for 4 years with the HD plugins that came with it on Windows XP.
We then had to have new C Drive. Windows OS reinstalled of course. I updated software/drivers from iLok (although I’m not completely sure we need this as it’s an older version) and the key we have has never had a chip in it etc…we didn’t actually do the initial installation of PT. So I loaded PT 6.9, opened a session file, played a few secs. all fine. Then I loaded the free plugins from the HD disk, opened PT, session ran fine. Then I loaded joemeekcompressor and meequaliser and PT hangs ! Is it possible it takes a VERY long time? When I force close box says ‘no responding’ so it can’t be that? I’m not an expert, but we have produced 5 albums on this gear, and are happy with it. What have I done wrong? Is there a reason PT won’t load the plugins?
Thank you

8. AmeliaEmerson - June 27, 2011

I purchased the M Audio Fastrack two days ago. I have a macbook and I am running Mac OS X version 10.5.8 with 2 GB of ram. I am have installed and uninstalled the “Pro Tools SE” program around 4 times, and every time, after I plug in the interface to my Macbook, and click on the “Pro tools SE” icon it says there is an error opening the program.
what do I do?

9. Nicole Froehlich - June 30, 2011

I’m using ProTools LE 8 on Mac OS X 10.6.6 with a MacBook Pro 2.4 duo core 4GB ram and a Digi 003 and also an Mbox Mini. ProTools is crashing about every 15 minutes (“quitting unexpectedly”). I’ve been using this machine for about a year, and this problem started two days ago. In the past two days, I started using plug-ins that my friend installed recently (Q 10 series, TrueVerb, etc.) and I believe this may have caused the problem. Will a re-install help? Please help!!!!! Thank you!

10. Chaka paul - July 22, 2011

For some reason I can’t hear my vocals. I know they are recording but when I play them back I can’t hear them. The track isn’t on mute + the fader is at a decent level. It all started when I unplugged the mic from the mbox. What am i doing wrong because I’m doing the same thing I’ve been doing to record? I’m using pro tools 8.05 on my macbook with snow leopard.

11. VITO MIAMI - August 31, 2011


12. Jarrod - September 7, 2011

When I put in my pro tools 8 le cd it gets to the “Welcome To Pro Tools le” box and it’s just a white box and stayed that way until i rebooted 2 hours later. Please help.

PC Specs
Windows xp 32bit SP3
cpu: intel pentium D core 2 duo
video card: nVidia 8600 gts
mobo: msi g41m-p34
hard drive: 500gig sata 2
power supply: 500w
cd drives: hl-dt-st dvd+-rw gsa-h21n and samsung dvd-rom sd-616t
RAM: memory master 2x2gigs

13. Eric Thomas - October 4, 2011

Hi i have a g4 mac 867 mhz 2 mb L3 cache
memory 1.5 gb sdram
operation system 10.5
I purchase pro tools m-powered 8 and am using Fast track pro usb
audio/midi interface.
just with two tracks open in pro tools it said cpu overload. If i open new a plain new session the cpu usage is down. If I open open with tracks(drum tracks) in it the cpu usage is already up to 29%. What can i do to fix this problem

14. Mike Schindler - October 26, 2011

Hey Guys–

Hope all is well. Wondering if you’d had a chance to sit down with Reason 6 yet…I just got my upgrade and needless to say, I am quite excited about using it as my one-stop shop, but it is a lot different from Reason 4, which is what I had been using. Until now, I’d been doing all of my midi work in Reason 4 and then exporting the audio files to Logic Pro 8. Would appreciate any discussion regarding the latest and greatest from propellerhead.


15. Ray - November 6, 2011


Thanks for the article on getting Garage Band tracts into a DAW found here.

I followed your directions and now have an .aif file on my desktop. I go into reason 6 put in a NN-19 and can find the file and play the file in the load window. I can not figure hout how to send that file to the track window any suggestions?


16. Damon Sink - November 7, 2011

Hi Ray,

You’ll have to trigger that file to play in the NN-19 with a MIDI note–but Reason 6 now has audio tracks, which is what you need. Set up an audio track and drag that aif in to it.

The Studio Files

17. DELROY SMITH - November 8, 2011


18. Joel - November 9, 2011

I would like help in getting midi patch names to appear in pro tools. I only get error messages and numbers without specific names when I try to select a program. This feature has always worked fine for me in Digital Performer. I have spent hours trying to resolve this with Cherry Picker and matching exact names with my midi setup. This seems to be a shortcoming that pro tools users just accept. I would like to get my Kurzweil pcr rack and a triton LE to work. Thanks

19. Joe - November 10, 2011

hey do any of you know if the aux buses in logic are 16 bit or 32 bit, I believe logic is 32/64 bit but the aux buses are still 16 bit ? could someone please enlighten ?

20. Luis Juarez - November 22, 2011

where does pro tools 8 store recently recorded and edited audio files?
The session opens up but, the audio none of the files appear! Using Windows Vista.

21. Chuck Cunningham - November 28, 2011

I’m using Pro Tools 8 LE with a Digidesign M Box 2 on a Dell Dimension 5100 with a Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHZ 2.79GHZ w 4.00GB (3.62usable) of RAM on a 32 bit operating system using Windows 7 Ultimate.

The problem I’m having is that when I go to record it has a long delay and when it does start there’s no signal.

Can you help me with this prob or should i just downgrade back to using Pro Tools 7 and switch back to windows XP?

22. victor - December 11, 2011

im using pro tools M-POWERED essential 8. it was hard but i think i got everything running good..or atleast i havent had those error messages..i have a M-audio box conected to phantom power supply n then to the AT4040 mic..what i want to do is start recording..im new to this but cant get to record…i saw a video and tried it but when i press play nothing shows up..i pressed the F12 n it seemd like it was recording but it wasnt..can someone help

23. Ken Lauber - December 25, 2011

Will the Fast Track Pro Mobile USB Interface work with Protools LE 8

24. P. mitchell - January 5, 2012

Hello all,
I am way behind the times and have some questions….Not being computer saavy either. Her is what I have….

I have an Mbox2 mini which came with Pro tools 8 software. I am currently trying to install this on the following computer…

Dell Vostro A860
rating 2.6 windows experience index
Processor- Intel Celeron (R) CPU 560@2.13GHz 2.13GHz
Memory- 1GB
System type- 32 bit OS
Windows Vista Home basic
Svc.pack 1

I am getting an error between 5% and 15% install that goes as follows

Program Files- common
E:\pro tools LE installer\data2.cab
data error(cycle redundancy check

When I hit ok it the goes to…

Couldn’t launch digiSPTI service

Then it reverts back to the original setup menu.

I have a feeling it’s my system, but that is where the un computer saavy kicks in.

If you could help that would be great.

25. Kyle - January 16, 2012

I recently began using pro tool8 for recording our church’s praise band,last week while recording the screen stopped scrolling halfway thtough the session.But the counter kept moving and nothing was being recorded.What am I doing wrong?

26. ian McNorton - January 21, 2012

I have a boss br1600. I have recorded a song and mixed it onto track 9 as per manual suggestion. I have since recorded some guitar and need to remix again but can t find the original drum setting /tempo . have tried to do this manually bot to no avail. am i missing a trick?

27. bob hacker - February 3, 2012

i have a wobble dubstep grime generator and i have installed pro tools m powered essential 8.00.002 and have also registered it….and when i try 2 use plug in to record from the wobble….the instrument channels when right clicked is disabled and when i click several features it promts me to buy full version of pro tools m powered…i was under the assumption thats what i had purchased….it came with fast track usb interphase….what is the problem and what can i do! also during installation non of preset loops and demos would load!?

28. bob hacker - February 3, 2012

*when i right click on instrument channel and its drops options the plug in tab is disable as well as when i click inputs and or outputs! just to clear up any confusion i have caused!

29. Marlon - February 13, 2012

When I try to start up my Pro Tools, a box appears that reads:

Assertion in “Volumes/Development/vb_leopard_r2/AlturaPorts/NewFileLibs/CoreFoundation/MacBuild/../../Sys/MacOS/Sys_FileLocMacOS.cpp”, line 227.

This basically didn’t happen until I placed the “Pro tools” icon in the Trash of my computer. I immediately took it back out, but this is now the issue. What can I do to fix this?

30. Christopher Howard - March 7, 2012

My name is chris, first let me just ask my first question. If you lost the box the the mbox came in how do retrieve the serial number and other info necessary to register the product. Now to my dilemma, as I was running my protools and I was playing a reciently recorded song on maximum volumn on the mbox. A message came on the screen say buffer size to big need to decreSe it. I left the room when I came bck the volumn is low. I decreased and increased the buffer sizes tht didnt work, I tried resetting the output because tht sounded like the problem but it didnt work. It also soumd low when im not operating protools. It sounds low when listenin to music through windows media player. Now since the mbox is hooked up I know the computer uses the mbox sound card. I think the sound card need to be replaced but im not sure I need some help please!

31. Fernandez - March 25, 2012

I using protools 8, and when I record to a track it records the audio off the grid(head of time) does anyone know how to fix it

32. chuck - April 9, 2012

trying to update AVID Studio from 14. during install 80% I get this error:
error 1310.error writing to file: C:/program files (86) AVID\STUDIO\Program\zh-hans\api.resources.dll

33. Chris Uehlein - April 11, 2012


I am so frustrated right now and just want there to be a solution. I’ve seen my problem in a few places on this site but nothing helps me.
My computer:

Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
E7300 @ 2.66GHz
2.94GB of RAM

Basically, I reformatted my hard drive the other day because of problems I was having with Pro Tools 8.0 M-Powered on Windows XP Sp2. When I reformatted I installed Sp3 and now when I try to launch it ALWAYS freezes while “Launching Plugins: Xpand!.dpm”

I updated to 8.0.5, I uninstalled internet explorer, tried moving the plugin, updated the plugin (even though the only update for it I could find was for Pro Tools 7), reinstalled protools, updated the drivers for my M-Audio Delta 1010, trashed the preferences… I’ve been trying whatever I can think of and its just not working and frankly starting to have me feeling pretty pissed. If anyone is out there please help 🙁

34. quinz - April 17, 2012

i have a intel core duo studio and i have protools m-powered essentia and protoos 8 le and they both will not open because of a stlog,dfw,and cnd error.what do i do to fix this problem

35. John - May 13, 2012

How do I save work done on Steinberg Wavelab LE7 Studio EQ?

36. Rob Burns - June 5, 2012

Hi , im Rob
iMac 2.5GHZ intel core i5..4GB memory 1333MHZ DDR OSx lion
Logic Pro 9
using a BR-800 standalone digital recorder as interface
TC-Helicon Voicelive2 vocal processor.
i saw your video on youtube for aux sends & returns which was very informative , i have searched the web looking for info regarding using th VL2 to add a vocal effect on to a dry recording , i believe i need a guitar track left channel , and a vocal track right channel , i then need to send both tracks to the VL2 , the guitar track gives the VL2 the key for the harmony to add to the right track , this then returns to logic so i can record it with the effect.
somebody mentioned i also needed to create an aggregate device on the mac for it to recognise the VL2.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

37. jay luv - July 31, 2012

why do i get static when i use melodyne with studio one

38. isaac - August 11, 2012

i was wondering if my i mac g5 power pc could run mbox pro2 protools le 7 version 7.1.2

39. Troy Allen - September 7, 2012

i have a toshiba intel core 2 duo processor t6400.
3gb sdram, 320gb hdd. trying to install mpowered pro tools 8, but i just get a little white box with nothing in it. I’m using a fast track pro as my interface.i have new drivers for ilok key and interface.

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41. Rob - October 23, 2012

Hi, I have a Power Mac G 5 Mac OS X dual 2.3 ghz 2 gb ddr2 sd ram, and I got pro tools Se with M-audio fast track, and I can’t open the application because it says ” not supported with this architecture ” if you know of any solutions, it would be very appreciated

42. Nilo Romero - October 24, 2012

I`v been using PTools 8 HD with Pro Control board since one year from now and it has never been a problem. However, form some days to now, it just don`t recognize the boar anymore. If i go to ethernet peripherals and ask for scan, it recognizes the Pro control, but when i`m going to assign that and press OK, it freezes.

43. J - December 8, 2012

Is there any way for two people to work on a Garageband project simultaneously from two separate locations?

44. michael jordan - February 11, 2013

Is protools 8 compatible with the new Windows 8

45. Alexia - July 24, 2014

When I push the On/Off button on my Boss BR-1600, the unit powers up and the green display lights up, showing the make and model number. Lights on the function buttons light up momentarily, then go off. The unit will not ‘boot up’ and the display remains on. I have tried turning the unit off and then on numerous times but the problem remains. The unit has not been abused in anyway.

46. Jose Pacheco - August 10, 2014

Hi guys! I like to be part of this community, where do I create a log in? And what are the requirement for participate?

Jose Pacheco
Sound engineer

47. Camiel Geerts - February 8, 2015

Hallo there, and a big hallo from Belgium ! About a week ago I bought a Boss/Roland BR1180CD second hand but I’m afraid the crook “saw me coming”… . Though the machine starts normally (checking… complete), navigation in the “UTILITY” menu is totally impossible. The cursor wan’t move to the left, nor to the right. The only thing I can do there is to Enter and change the intensity of the LCD contrast because the cursor is kind’a fixed on this position/icon in this menu. No possibility to navigate to any other item there. ‘Exit’ gives the initial menu and shows everytime song11 (??). Pressing “Play” results only in advancing the counter digits (of that song ?), but no playback at all ! So in fact no changes of choises whatever can be made. The HD seems to be OK (blinking access light). Inserting the separate (drum loop) CD-RW and picking “loop phrase import”, shows the cd’s content in a separate menu. Up and down navigation there is no problem, making choises (right cursor) is impossible !? I was able to do several test recordings with rithm track and play-back, so this far the machine is working well. I wonder what in heavens sake is the reason why the navigation in the menus is impossible ? I’d be tremendously thankful if you can help me in any way. Thanks in advance.

48. david creque - March 18, 2015

Hello please help. I recently purchased an HP pavilion 15 notebook pc. Now I am trying to install pro tools LE 7. I am also using an mbox 2 , both of which were purchased as a package deal around 2005. My desktop died so I upgraded to the hp laptop. The problem is when I plug in the mbox and start the installation a popup from the installsheld wizard appears that says ” installation and operation of pro tools LE requires windows XP with SP 2.” My operating system is windows 8.1, with an intel core I 7, 2 GHZ processor. 6.0 gb of ram. 750 GB hard drive. I don’t have a clue what to do. I am so disappointed please help.

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