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Free Plug in from Sound Toys: Little Radiator March 20, 2012

Posted by Damon Sink in : Digital Audio Workstations, plugins (plug-ins), Preamp, social media , add a comment

I really love Sound Toys’ stuff. The Native bundle is hard to beat for creative, warm, inventive and massive sounding effects that are truly inspiring. They offer a 30 day demo on the whole lot, which is truly not enough time to know them deeply, only time enough to know that you have got to have them!

They are giving away a great little plugin called Little Radiator, which is an emulation of an Altec 1566A tube mic preamp. You can use this link to get your unique code and then spread the word however you like:


The Studio FIles

for Windows VST: Antress Modern Plugins January 4, 2010

Posted by Damon Sink in : Digital home recording studios, Mixing, plugins (plug-ins) , add a comment

Antress Modern Plugins

…Sometimes it’s just better for the PC users. If anyone wants to try some of these (Antress Modern Plugins) out and give us some feedback, I’ve heard really great things.

Oh, and did I mention that they are FREE!?!

I am in the process of re-deploying my dual core PC to run some sample libraries and Vienna Ensemble Pro, so I could install them with that outboard rig. Check it out and let’s see.

Happy New Year everybody. We’ve got some cool stuff in store for the new decade, so stay tuned!

The Studio Files

Warm the Cockles of Your Mix (or tracks) December 23, 2009

Posted by Damon Sink in : Mixing, plugins (plug-ins), Project Studio , add a comment

OK. No idea what “cockles” are, but I just wanted to pass along a bit of Christmas cheer. One of the plug-in companies that I really love is PSP, and they have a stellar deal on their classic EQ bundle going on right now. If you have been thinking about treating yourself to some new eq toys this holiday, I can’t think of a better way to do it at this price.

Check it out here:


And have a great holiday.


Fast Plug-ins in Pro Tools February 17, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digidesign, plugins (plug-ins), Pro Tools , 10comments

This is just a little trick in Pro Tools that will make your mixing faster and easier.

We all have our favorite plug-ins (the ones that inevitably end up on a LOT of tracks in most mixes).  Even if you are just using the stock Pro Tools plug-ins, changing this preference will make inserting these plug-ins a little faster.


Important message for 002, 003, and MBox Factory Owners February 13, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digidesign, plugins (plug-ins), Pro Tools , 7comments

Today, Digidesign announced that it is offering a very inexpensive upgrade path for owners of 002, 003(R), and MBox Factory bundle owners.

For a small $30 upgrade fee, you get the following plug-ins for your MBox or MBox 2 (pro) Factory: (more…)

Video: The T-Pain vocal effect with AutoTune January 31, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digital Audio Workstations, plugins (plug-ins), Videos , add a comment

One plug-in and the quick turn of a knob, and you have that world-famous T-Pain/Cher/computer voice effect.

Line 6 GearBox Gold Bundle: First Impressions August 19, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : plugins (plug-ins), Reviews, Studio Setup , 2comments

Well, I jumped for the GearBox Gold Bundle when it dropped to 100$. Originally up near $500+, it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up. I wasn’t completely happy with the Amplitube demos that came with my Pro Tools setup, so this seemed like a safe upgrade. Registering/getting this to work wasn’t the simplest thing in the world, but once that’s done, its a great product.


Add Nintendo sounds to GarageBand with this free 8-bit Plugin March 31, 2008

Posted by PJ in : Digital home recording studios, GarageBand, plugins (plug-ins), Virtual Instruments , 5comments

NES GarageBand

If you’ve ever found yourself humming the overworld theme from The Legend of Zelda or have the title track from Battletoads on your iPod, then you should definitely check out the “Magical 8-bit Plug” for GarageBand (or any app that supports AU plugins). (more…)

Video: Using Aux Effects Sends in Pro Tools March 24, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : plugins (plug-ins), Pro Tools, Videos , 3comments

This video is just like the recently posted Logic Pro video, but now in Pro Tools.  I show you how to create aux input tracks, and use them with bus sends to apply effects.  First, a reverb, then a delay. (more…)

Video: Setting up Aux Effects Sends in Logic Pro March 18, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Logic Studio 8, plugins (plug-ins), Videos , 3comments

This video will show you how to setup effects sends using aux tracks and buses. I use a sample of my voice and apply reverb and delay using two different busses and aux effects tracks.


Celemony previews Direct Note Access March 13, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : General Announcements, plugins (plug-ins), Studio Setup , 4comments

Wow.  Everyone should watch the video link I have posted at the end of this article.

Celemony’s Melodyne plug-in has helped define pitch correction in recent years, but only for monophonic sources.  The new Direct Note Access technology lets you manipulate audio from polyphonic sources.  Yes, you heard right.  Polyphonic audio.  Guitar tracks, piano tracks, string quartets, you name it.   Where Pro Tools made it possible to edit the timing of audio like MIDI (with the very powerful Elastic Audio), Celemony lets you dissect audio’s pitch like MIDI through Direct Note Access. (more…)

McDSP is now Leopard compatible March 8, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Leopard, plugins (plug-ins), Studio Setup , 2comments

For everyone that has been waiting to use their McDSP plug-ins on Leopard, your wait is over.

McDSP plug-ins can now be updated via a download from their website.  As long as you have registered your plug-ins online, there will be no charge for the upgrades.


Frugal Producer Vol. 2: Plug-ins for your DAW February 19, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digital home recording studios, plugins (plug-ins), Project Studio , 4comments

Damon just posted some great links, so I will post some more. These are my top 5 favorite free plug-ins. More to come in the future, but these are all really awesome. Download them and give them a try.


The Frugal Producer: get these tools for free! February 19, 2008

Posted by Damon Sink in : Digital home recording studios, plugins (plug-ins), Project Studio , add a comment

Even veteran composers and producers like to find tools that work and that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Below is a quick excerpt from a thread at one of the best forums around. Take some time to check out a few of these gems and peruse the rest of the list. (more…)

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