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Mix Engineering: A lost art? May 14, 2008

Posted by Damon Sink in : Digital home recording studios, Live Sound, Mixing, Reviews , 1 comment so far

Just got finished watching a special guest return performance by Fantasia on American Idol. The most entertaining moment was watching Simon Cowell’s reaction: utter, unadulterated disbelief! I had to agree. It was pretty much a train wreck.

But the most amazingly amateurish performance on display was not behind a microphone, it was apparently behind a mixing board. The mix for live broadcast was stunningly bad. The (obviously pre-recorded) background singers were WAY out in front. The rapper (appearing Romeo-style from the set balcony) was barely audible as well. (more…)

5 Small tips (with big impact) for your recordings February 22, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Editing, Mixing, Project Studio , 5comments

Home and project studios often have the goal of making their recordings sound just as good as those of the “big studios”. Obviously this is a very hard thing to accomplish, but there are a lot of little things you can do to make your recordings sound more and more professional. Here are 5 tips to get you going:

1. Timing: Keeping it in the groove

Just about all major releases you hear on the radio have at least one thing in common: impeccable groove and timing. Most often, these songs are tracked to a click, and edited in detail until no spots stick out as “mistakes”. (more…)

Setting up the mix February 11, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Mixing, Project Studio , 1 comment so far

Now, there are many many different techniques people like to employ when working a mix in their DAW of choice. I am going to show you my favorite. This method routes all of your audio to a bus, which then gets processing via an aux track, and then is directed to an audio track for printing. This is a great way of mixing in a DAW because of two main things:

1) You can apply effects to the “master bus”, and then actually see the resulting waveform

2) You can compare mixes/progress from day to day with a click of a button (as well as keep track of vocal up/down or other alternate mixes with ease) (more…)

Some Popular Mixing Techniques/Effects February 5, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digital home recording studios, Logic Studio 8, Mixing , 2comments

Ever wonder how to get that distorted “old record player sound” on your drum mix, or that “AM radio” effect on your voice? Although there are many different ways of achieving those sounds, here is a short guide on how to start exploring these sonic gems. These may be “cliche”… but they are cliche for one reason: they work!


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