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Western Students at Starstruck Studios February 7, 2015

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Last summer several of our Commercial and Electronic Music students interned at Starstruck in Nashville (Reba McEintire’s studio). They eventually gained the confidence of engineer Chris Ashburn and were allowed to record a few tracks with songwriter Colin Iwanski. Hunter Black on drums, Charlie Diez on guitar, Bud Davis on acoustic, Jacob Crabtree on the organ, and Chris Burke co-engineer. Heres a track from Hunter’s soundcloud:

Music for Film in Logic Pro February 23, 2010

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Hello everyone!!

In this article I will cover how to use Logic Pro to compose music for film. I’ve been using Logic for over 2 years now and recently I was asked to help write music for a short film.  Naturally my program of choice was Logic (I’m still on version 8 but this article should apply to 9 as well).  So here I would like to share my experience and provide an intro tutorial for working with video in Logic.

First, we need to get the video into Logic. This can be done easily by navigating to Options – Movie – Open Movie.


On a Budget: Working a Project from Beginning to End November 20, 2008

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Every project has a budget, whether its a 0$ home studio EP up to a $500,000 major label release.  Especially for us towards the lower end of that example, we need to make the most of the budget at every turn.  Figuring out where to allocate funds is a tricky task.  Is it better to spend money on tracking, mixing, mastering, a producer??? (more…)

Battling a Large Body of Water: Part 3 August 19, 2008

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These are apparently not going in any particular order… sorry.

I would like to explore the idea of controlling your bass and low mid frequencies in the mix. (more…)

Battling a Large Body of Water: Part 1 August 11, 2008

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::Presenting the first of many articles discussing the adventures of recording a full length CD with a band called Versus the Ocean out of Michigan::

This recording project was full of a lot of “firsts” for me (first time converting a house into a recording studio, first time working with a screamer, first time having a band live with me for the recording process… etc). The short version of the story is that the band lived in my converted-recording-basement for a week because of some last minute logistical issues in going to another (real) studio. So with my trusty Digi 003 Rack (and a HEAP of borrowed gear, thanks Damon, Ben), we got to work for the long week.  Also props to Ronnie Pinnell for driving up to assist.

Given the circumstances, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share both the “do’s” and “do not’s” I learned along the way. I’ll try to cover everything from mic techniques to mixing and there and back again.


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