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Session at Manifold Studios: Zenph Sound Innovations December 10, 2011

Posted by Damon Sink in : Pro Tools, Studio Profiles, Videos , 1 comment so far

Over the summer, we took a video crew to Manifold Studios outside of Durham, NC to document a unique recording session. Zenph Sound Innovations engineers were there fine-tuning two gorgeous pianos outfitted with state-of-the art playback mechanisms. The project was to record what they call “re-performances” constructed from  “data” taken from (in this case very) old recordings of these pieces played by the composers themselves.

Now, Zenph has already released several re-performed solo piano recordings (Rachmaninoff, Glenn Gould, Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, to name a few), but this time the goal was also to recreate collaborative performances with cello and voice. Zuill Bailey (cello) and Isabel Bayrakdarian (soprano) were engaged in turn to perform (with the “Ghost” of composer Manuel de Falla at the keyboard!) the Siete Canciónes Populares Españolas. The album is called Spanish Masters and is available for purchase directly from Zenph.

Our role (my company, Dal Segno Media) was just to do video documentation for this one. Manifold Studios, as I am sure some of you know, is a brilliant facility. There has been a great thread on gearslutz in which Michael Tiemann, Manifold’s “creator” has documented the process of design and construction. We also had a chance to sit down with Michael while we aere there and I want to post that interview soon. Thanks for tuning in!

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Studio Pro Files: Encore Studios March 10, 2008

Posted by Ben Rivet in : Digital home recording studios, Project Studio, Studio Profiles, Studio Setup , 2comments

Hey All.

Your Man about Town here, bringing you more from the studio world. We are continuing our sweep of the mid-west with a stop in Dayton, OH. We had a chance to sit down with Bill Sellers, owner of Encore Studios. Bill has been cranking out projects for clients all over the country, ranging from rock, classical, and jazz, to voice overs, jingles, and promotional videos. Bill gave us a tour of his space and showed us his gear. We also got to chat about some of the projects he has done over the years and what he is currently working on. Awesome music, cool studio, and a lot of great stories. (more…)

Studio Profiles: Babblefish Studio Video February 19, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Project Studio, Studio Profiles, Studio Setup , 6comments

Hey All.

Your “Man About Town” here with some more news from the studios. A recent interview with Steve Falearos at Babblefish Recording Studios in Franklin, Ohio (near Dayton). Steve talks about the studio’s eclectic and unique equipment list, as well as some great tips for bands who are working on projects on their own or in collaboration with a bigger studio. Some great advice from Steve: Know your gear.

Check out the two-part video to see his gear and hear his thoughts about all things studio.

Also see the extended interview for a full recap of our visit with Steve at Babblefish Studios.

Stay tuned to The Studio Files for some audio demos from Steve and Babblefish!

We’ll send a free StudioFiles t-shirt to the first person (or should I say, hoopy frood?) who posts a comment correctly identifying the origin of the name “Babblefish.”

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Studio Pro Files: Babblefish Studios February 13, 2008

Posted by Ben Rivet in : Digital home recording studios, Project Studio, Studio Profiles , 2comments

Ben here. Your man about town, giving you all the latest on artists and studios that are making it happen in the biz. The Studio Files team is going to begin traveling the globe to find and showcase musicans, engineers, and producers that are creating great music. Today we are heading out to Franklin, Ohio, (in between Dayton and Cincinnati) the home of Babblefish Studios. Check back to read more about our interview and watch the webisode.

If you have ideas for recording studios or artists we should check out, please drop a comment and let us know about them. We especially want to hear about talented artists who are accomplishing high quality production independently. Let us know who we should be talking to, we love hearing from you.

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