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Help us help you! May 26, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Chit Chat, General Announcements, Troubleshooting , trackback

Hi all,

First off, thanks a bunch for all the great discussions and input (and the traffic) you’ve given The Studio Files.  This community doesn’t happen without everyone’s contributions.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately, and I find that often I need to send 1-2 back and forth before actually getting to the “help” part.  We like to answer everyone’s questions and fix as many problems as we possibly can to get us all making music as fast as humanly possible.  Here are some things you can include in your questions that will help for an even faster response (and hopefully a solution!). :

1.  Please let me know what computer (model, speed, RAM, etc.), what operating system (aka Leopard 10.5.2), DAW version (Pro Tools LE 7.4cs2 etc….), and interface (Digi 003R) that you are using.

2.  Detail as many specifics as you can about what is going wrong.  (So, rather than, “Pro Tools doesn’t work”, say “Pro Tools stalls while loading when it gets to ReWire.dpm”) This way, I can compare it to the database of problems other people are having, and hopefully give you a very specific answer.
3.  Also include what you’ve tried already (and what went wrong).  For example, if you are trying to get PT LE to work on your Leopard computer, let me know if you’ve tried installing it (which worked), but then Pro Tools stalls on launch, or you get kernel panics… etc…


Hopefully pigs will fly and we will all see Pro Tools compatibility with Leopard in the very near future…


The Studio Files


1. champ22 - June 17, 2008

hey can you guys go over mastering a finnish project in protools ……heres where i stand now i’ve finnish recording the song and mixed it in protools…..im not big on plug ins like compressors and what not but should i consider using them to smooth out the entire song…..i cant wait till school kicks in to wait and find out the answer in my mastering audio class.

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