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– Music Reviews – August 7, 2008

Posted by Ben Rivet in : Digital home recording studios, Music Reviews, Reviews , trackback

Hey all,

Your man about town here with an announcement¬† on the Studio Files’ newest installation… MUSIC REVIEWS.

We are going to be hitting this a little differently than your average critique.¬† So much work goes into all of the great music that we are hearing these days, but many of those who do that work can be overlooked by the masses. We here at The Studio Files are going to dive deeper into all of this music and really look at what people are doing in the studio. No genre will be overlooked, no producer unnamed, and no synth part ignored. We want people to start talking about who is making the music as much as who’s performing the music…and we don’t just mean Timberland.

Stay tuned for all the reviews to come, and PLEASE, let us know who we should be looking at. Drop us a line and tell us who is making good music these days.


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