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New gigs = new digs: Western Carolina University September 7, 2012

Posted by Damon Sink in : Composing, degrees in music, sample libraries , trackback

Hey everyone,

Damon here. I am very pleased to let you know that I have begun a new teaching position at Western Carolina University in their Commercial and Electronic Music program. I am teaching classes in audio editing, sequencing and advanced midi applications as well as directing the Technology Ensemble. Our recording studio, including a digital SSL console and world class microphone closet, is really first rate–you can check it out in an article here— and exists in combination with the broadcast production rooms in the Center for Applied Technology.

Our degree program is a bachelor of music, which includes training in music theory, listening (aural) skills, composition, orchestration and applied music (instrument or voice lessons). The program director is Dr. Bruce Frazier, and we maintain around 55 students in the program at any given time.

Look for more from me and my new students here at The Studio Files in the upcoming weeks. One quick story that I can share is about Brandon Chapman, who graduated from Western Carolina last spring. He is the trumpet playing talent behind the new, very affordable, sample library from Embertone called Chapman Trumpet. It’s been getting a little bit of buzz on VI-Control and is worth checking out.

More soon! Keep making it happen.

The Studio Files


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