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Pro Tools Problems?? Check here – October 28, 2009

Posted by ConnorSmith in : Digital home recording studios , trackback

In my absence, I missed a lot of questions from people having problems with their Pro Tools setups.  Many are having the same problems, so I thought I’d do a general post that addresses a lot at once.  For anyone having a problem,please, please, please read this post and give me that information in your question.  Its impossible to diagnose and solve problems without knowing a lot of details about your computer setup.

For anyone having the error where Windows XP won’t read your Pro Tools install disc – I don’t have a solution at this point, but I am searching.  In the meantime, check out Digidesign.com and DUC.digidesign.com for some insight.  Hopefully a Digi tech person might be able to help further.

If you are experiencing either a glitch while loading the program (i.e. it stalls at “structure.dpm”) or if you are having bugs while running the program – its likely that it is being caused by a non-compatible plug-in or instrument.  If you list your system specs here and let me know what third party plugs you are running (as described in the post I linked to above), I can help.  Usually its as simple as moving a few files out of your plug-in folder.  Also, trashing your Digidesign preferences helps a lot of the time as well.

[EDIT] Thanks to marsman for this tip – Marsman let us know that he was having the “freeze at structure.dpm” problem during the Pro Tools loading screen.  He uninstalled Internet Explorer 8 (and installed Firefox as his web browser) and that fixed his problem.  If anyone else finds that this fixes their situation, please let us know!

Thanks – and if I haven’t answered your question, please post it in this post so its easy to find.


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1. Mick - November 5, 2009

Hey, I’m running Pro tools 8 on a MAC. Everytime I try to bus an output of an instrument bus to the input of an audio track pro tools crashes. I trashed prefs but that didn’t help. I recently got Xpand, Velvet, komplete 6, maschine, eastwest choir and voices of passion, realguitar, Omnisphere, superior drummer, and a few other virtual instruments. Please help it’s driving me crazy!

2. ConnorSmith - November 5, 2009

I’d bet a dollar that its likely a problem with the Native Instruments plug-ins. Try moving all non Digidesign plugs and instruments out of your plug-in folder (usually its easiest just to move them to the desktop or the Unused Plug-ins Folder) and running PT and see where that gets you.

If it works, then add them back in one at a time and see which is/are the problem(s).

3. Vanity Benson - February 16, 2010

When loading pro tools le program, my computer gets stuck on the setting up peripherals part of the program. Why is that? I also can not record. The record light is just flashing when I try to record like its stuck on something

4. Tom - November 15, 2010

same problem as Vanity Benson. I click on the record it flashes red and nothing happens

5. c-huck - November 16, 2011

everytime i try to put an effect on my vocals,for some reason in wont apply<can some one please tell me whats wrong?

6. JJ Rocks - February 21, 2012

Hi, I’m trying to install pro tools 8 on windows xp and I keep getting the error “Feature transfer error – Data error: clclic redundancy check”. I tried to install it on widows vista on a newer HP computer (64 bit 8gig memory, 750 gig hard drive) and even though more went up, I still got a different error. I can check the name of that one and get back to you. Got any ideas? I removed explorer 8 from the windows computer because I use it off line. Do I have to be on line to use protools 8? Thanks – JJ

7. Kemo - November 11, 2013

Having a little problem with my pro tools 9 , in some of my sessions i will be recording a session and the session will freeze. I running it on a macbook pro. the next little problem is when sometime i ready to bounce the track it will freeze or dont start to bounce so i will have close pro tools and open it again and it will bounce

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